February/March Volunteer Corner

Spaghetti_Supper_2Parents, students and family members have contributed countless hours during the past two months to a variety of volunteer efforts at SHMS. Here are just a few of the many projects they have been helping to support.

Spaghetti Supper

Thanks to all the servers, chefs, entertainment staff and clean-up crew who helped to make this winter family event a great success.

  • Mandy Lynn Jacobs, Chair
  • Stephanie Altobellis
  • Michelle Barati
  • Monica Brown
  • Jeanne Coffey
  • Ken Golliher
  • John Hood
  • Bill and Fran Petersteacher_appreciation

Teacher Appreciation

Without the caring and committed faculty at SHMS, the school would be just a place, not a loving family. Thanks to the many parents who showed the teaching staff who deeply they are appreciated.

  • Sharon Biagi, co-chair
  • Margo Farley, co-chair
  • Michelle Barati
  • Lisa Breit
  • Laura Broadwater
  • Stephanie Brunstetter
  • Debbie Conway Haynes
  • Lisa Dahlem
  • Michelle Daniel
  • Katie Duncan
  • Ashley Eifler
  • Nancy Fusting
  • Jane Gainer
  • Amy Hamm
  • Vanessa Haulk
  • Mandy Jacobs
  • Christina John


  • Gina Kehagias
  • Felicity Kemmerly
  • Leigh Ann Lynn
  • Stacie Mitchell
  • Terri O’Connor
  • Sarah Osbourne
  • Beth Perdue
  • Kitty Pfeiffer
  • Savannah Sales
  • Karen Sierpina
  • Charlotte Stengel
  • Roseann Tafel
  • Jill Talbott
  • Margie Terrassa
  • Ring Tsai
  • De’Anna Watkins
  • Erika Wilhelmi

jar_of_penniesPenny Challenge

When it came to really tough “challenge,” these volunteers could be “counted on” to make “cents” of it all!

  • Hope Brooks, Chair
  • Sharon Biagi
  • Michelle Black White
  • Stephanie Brunstetter
  • Margaret Craddock
  • Helen Dashti
  • Cathy Durik
  • Nancy Fusting
  • John Hood
  • Kathy Howard
  • Kim Miller
  • Elizabeth Milliken
  • Terri O’Connor
  • Beth Perdue
  • Lisa Shishmanian
  • Sandra Whelanfather_daughter_dance

Father Daughter Dance

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who helped to make this year’s Father Daughter Dance a magical event for SHMS daddies and their little girls.

  • Kelly Talbott, Chair
  • Mandy Blandford
  • Ashley Broker
  • Tracey Caparrelli
  • Suzanne Chase
  • Jeanne Coffey
  • Laura Elliott
  • Amy Hamm
  • Gina Kehagias
  • Susan Louisse
  • Leigh Ann Lynn
  • Mary Lois Mercer
  • Stacie Mitchell
  • Beth Moore
  • Sarah Nielsen
  • Anne Pfau
  • Paula Schoenhoff
  • Karen Sierpina
  • Margie Terrassa
  • Heather Wathen
  • Mindy Weaver
  • Michelle Webb
  • Christie Wilson

Student Appreciation Day

snacksThanks to the “Snack Distribution Team,” who helped put smiles on the SHMS students’ faces and let them know that they’re appreciated!

  • Beth Perdue, chair
  • Angela Beccara
  • Michelle Black White
  • Margaret Craddock
  • Katrina Harmon

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